About Us

More often than not, the best person for the job is already doing it. For someone else...

The global construction sector is witnessing a critical skills shortage, and organisations are universally struggling to find the right people to deliver growth. Too often, companies are compromising on their business standards and cultural values when making appointments through traditional agencies, believing that the right candidate doesn’t exist.

MKH Search was founded because we believe we can do it better. We partner with construction, infrastructure and property organisations globally to deliver hard-to-find talent through our rigorous search and selection process, industry expertise and extensive networking capabilities. Our clients range from start-ups and privately-owned family businesses to some of the world’s largest organisations, including contractors, developers, consultants and end-users.


We are truly passionate that our values define our business, and we want the stakeholders we work with to be able to hold us to account for our promises.

We have Integrity

Everything we do, we do with our stakeholders’ best interests at heart

If we say we are going to do something, we do it

We are Thorough

We do not take short
or find the
easiest option

We are meticulous in everything we do

We are Innovative

We constantly strive to improve our process

We think outside the box

We take Ownership

We are not afraid to admit our shortcomings

We are proactive and embrace responsibility

We focus on Service

We focus on repeat business, awarded through offering a superior service

We leave people with positive experiences of working with us


For Clients

We consider our purpose to make a significant commercial contribution to the success of their business.

For Candidates

We consider our purpose to offer opportunities to fulfill their career aspirations and see their careers excel.